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Shape the Future with the LCD Token

The LCD token isn't just a token — it allows you to influence the direction of Lucidao. Engage with dApps, generate fees, and shape the future as a token holder.

By using decentralized applications on Lucidao, such as Altr, each interaction supports our ecosystem and generates fees that contribute to the DAO Treasury. In this process, LCD token holders play a crucial role in shaping its future potential.


Token Distribution

880 million LCD tokens have been minted with an allocation breakdown as follows:

Owning LCD tokens is an investment in decision-making power. With LCD, you can propose and vote on how the DAO Treasury is utilized. Your belief and participation in our dApps contribute to the ecosystem’s success and pave the way for your rewards.


to Lucidao community members

580,800,000 LCD


to initial participants

First sale - 75,000,000 LCD Second sale - 101,000,000 LCD


to treasury with 1 year vesting

88,000,000 LCD


to DEX liquidity

25,200,000 LCD

At LUCIDAO, you have a voice, and your voice is heard. All governance and decision-making rights belong to you, our community members.

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